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Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

A while back I was looking at my blog and felt ashamed. Here I am writing a recipe blog and I don’t even bake homemade brownies. The box mixes are so easy, inexpensive, and delicious that I never really saw the point with bothering to make homemade ones. But who am I calling myself  The […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Hi y’all! Sorry for a week with no posts. I was busy down South soaking up the rays of the sunshine and now I’m covered in freckles and my skin is peeling like a snake shedding its skin. Redheads (or auburn in my case) can’t catch a break when it comes to the sun! And […]

Brittney’s Roasted Chicken Pasta

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

A sweet friend of mine sent me this recipe quite a while ago, and there it sat not being made. Every time I made my weekly grocery shopping list and meal menu, I’d think about it and then decide not to make it. It sounded delicious and I honestly don’t know why I put it […]

Strawberries & Cream Upside-Down Cake

Monday, June 20th, 2011

The first time I tasted this recipe I was at a meeting and as soon as it touched my mouth I immediately thought of my hubby. He loves strawberries and would rather have a simple dessert like this rather than a fancy layered cake with lots of decorator frosting any day. So I decided that […]

Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

Monday, June 20th, 2011

We have Mexican food at my house a lot because it seems to be something that everyone will love. So instead of the normal beef tacos that I prepare so often, I wanted to try something new. I hear a good bit these days about shrimp or fish tacos, so I decided I wanted to […]

Cream Cheese Banana Nut Bread

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Banana Nut Bread is one of those foods that was quite often found in my home, but I always hated the stuff. I don’t even really remember why. I remember it being dry, overwhelmingly banana flavored, and just in general not very good. Now this comment is not meant to offend my mom, because she […]

Bacon & Onion Finger Sandwiches

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Here in the deep South, it’s very rare that you attend a gathering where there isn’t some sort of finger sandwich tray. We love our sandwiches down here, but what we love even more is tiny sandwiches that are filled with yummy things like bacon and cheese. What’s not to love? Every good Southern cook […]

Margaret’s Fruit Dip

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

I know I already posted a fruit dip recipe, but this one got such rave reviews that I had to post it also. After all, one can never have too many creamy ways to fatten up delicious, healthy fruit, right? So this recipe comes to you from my aunt, Margaret. Not Aunt Margaret, just Margaret. […]

New York Cheesecake

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Before you all think I’ve gone nuts posting such a long recipe, hear me out. I know that this recipe looks very intricate, but I promise you that it’s not. Honestly, most of the steps involve nothing more than moving the cooked cheesecake from place to place to ensure that it cools down at the […]

Chili Mac

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

So many children are so familiar with throw-together meals like Hamburger Helper these days that they don’t know what “real” food tastes like. I’m not a fancy cook by any stretch of the imagintion, but I do like to prepare homemade meals for my family when I can. This is one of those meals that […]