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Creamy Tomato & Sausage Soup

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

My, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I seem to say that a lot, don’t I? Well, at least I have a good excuse. We have been trying to sell our house for two years now, but have been actively preparing for this move for almost three years. And we have finally sold […]

Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup & The Supermom Chef’s 200th Blog Post!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Happy 200th Blog Post to The Supermom Chef (that’s me)! Can you believe that I’ve posted that many recipes for all of you? Well, give or take a few posts that are Round-Up posts about certain themes (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Super Bowl, etc.). Take a moment and congratulate me if you stop by so that I’ll […]

Homemade Alfredo Sauce

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

In honor of my hubby whose 30th birthday is tomorrow, I’m posting his favorite meal of all the things I’ve ever made. And wouldn’t you know it would be something simple like alfredo sauce? Time and time again I realize that my family is so simple, that they really just prefer basic meals to eat […]

Doris Ann’s Chicken Spaghetti

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

If you didn’t know I’m living in the South just by knowing me, then you’d dang sure know it by the names of people that I mention. Most everyone has a double name, which as we know is almost mandatory down here. I myself don’t have a double name but a good many of my […]

Brittney’s Roasted Chicken Pasta

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

A sweet friend of mine sent me this recipe quite a while ago, and there it sat not being made. Every time I made my weekly grocery shopping list and meal menu, I’d think about it and then decide not to make it. It sounded delicious and I honestly don’t know why I put it […]

Chili Mac

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

So many children are so familiar with throw-together meals like Hamburger Helper these days that they don’t know what “real” food tastes like. I’m not a fancy cook by any stretch of the imagintion, but I do like to prepare homemade meals for my family when I can. This is one of those meals that […]

Tammy’s Meatballs

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

This recipe comes to you from my…well, I’m not really sure what to call her! She was once married to my cousin and although they have been divorced for quite some time, she still remains in contact with our family and we just can’t get rid of her. Just kidding, Tammy, we love you! Anyway, […]

Greek Pasta Salad

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

This recipe comes from my cousin, Kathy. You may remember a few of her recipes that are already on here like her Mandarin Pasta Salad ( If you’ve tried it then you doubt know how good Kathy’s recipes are. She’s a wonderful cook, and also a pretty sweet person. We’re pretty lucky to have her […]

Bowties & Broccoli

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

What a weird name for a recipe, huh? This recipe is a Supermomchef original, and came to mind one night when I had been to Sam’s earlier in the day and picked up all the regular items I get there, including a rotisserie chicken and a huge bag of broccoli florets. The chicken was of […]

Mandarin Pasta Salad

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Okay, before you want to roll your eyes and think, “Like I would eat that!” just give me a chance to explain. The reason why I know you’re thinking that is because that’s the same exact thing I thought when I first saw this recipe. My cousin, Kathy, sent it to me and it sounded […]